Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rich Dad.. nah!..poor Dad..not so much either, but KOOL Dad!!."I'll take some of that action!

Ah..why yes, I'll take some of that action as the title states. Being at the edge of darkness with a teenager( a girl no-less). "The end of the WORLD as we know it"! Has come and gone a few times. We're still breathing( golf clap + mom's burning skull stare down,equipped w/smirk & attachments). The days flipped by so fast I lost count. I kinda waited for the 'other shoe to drop' looking for the "Dad I hate you rant" or the "Where's mom because dad you're just dad! you don't/wouldn't understand conversation". Don't get me wrong I've gotten on her nerves, YEEAAHH BUDDY! I've heard it through the mom pipeline. Ultimately they grow up and move out..or act like they triiied.The point I'm making is when they're old enough to want you around other than their prerequisite A.T.M.(If you have kids you have my permission to rock the #4life t-shirt). I honestly don't know what I've done to earn favor. "She likes me..she likes me..Hey Mikey"! I was deemed the heavy in my family. Even though her mom got right down to it at the drop of a hat. In my own family it was always "wait til Merle get's here" or "when I tell Merle about: insert WHATEVA dumba**  thing of the day(like ordering a flavored coffee drink)! I don't think you really sign up to be the heavy though, I think you're kind of nominated..sigh..such is life..whateva'. After awhile I stopped waiting...almost wishful thinking that my #ultimatefail came quickly.I couldn't wait to start the repair process. The slow start was baffling though..gotta' tell ya. I was preparing like I was a 'Dooms day prepper' or gearing up for The Zombie Apocalypse somehow!?! Then prom..WOW!!!Graduation was both liberating and freeing,but wait..s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n things were happening so fast. During those times you do a bit of reminiscing with your minion(s). They tell you stories about how you saved the day.. and not once..huh, who would've thunk? It's those times you don't think they remember. Uh oh! They remind us in vivid detail(immediate image of dad in commercial on sidewalk with what appears to be his little girl practicing her cheerleader cheers)'s groovy Google it..