Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You can't be serious?!? Not with that shaved into your head?..whaaa...?

We've all seen the innovative hairstyles out there, and like myself have tried a couple. The gumby and the shag/mullet were the ISH! when I was growing up. The curl changed all of that though...the Mullet.. well I'm going to leave that alone because it's been around alot longer than I have and has a cult-like following( we need not understand why..?).What I am addressing is shaving your website,announcing your 'newest' baby name or any other ridiculous Artest/Rodman-esque idea after a night of 420/Absinthe infused partying. You look as 'stooopid' as you think you do when you ask that question...They just don't want to hurt your feelings...sigh..such is life.GROW UP most of you have jobs(nice ones)! you need to stop being selfish, yeah I said selfish. Example: With your head like that you may have that I don't give a f*** attitude, but everyone that you recognize as a friend or family constantly get asked Why are you his friend? Are you his friend?Wow! or Is he 'touched' in the head,does he eat dirt chew bricks or lick windows? You will answer no! And they will give you the I'm glad you're not My friend stare. Now you feel like shh, because yo boy wants to look like a 35y.o. lucky charm...Just stop it,...MM

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's about time to move forward on the Sunglasses indoors! On to another trend

One year has ended and the summer of another is here. As the years flip so do the trends.Some of us need help knowing when one ends and a different one begins...that's understandable.That's what the NOT list is all about.Crime black sunglasses INDOORS! should be on its way to the back burner.Similar to Throwback jersey's,extra long white tees and braids with errthang!" NOT" trying to offend, but if you're a Grown man, you need to hear this: If no one knows you outside of your Facebook and twitter followers or you have to explain who YOU are and WHAT you do... sorry playboy(it's all in your mind) you're not who you think you are. Let's be real, Celebrities(real not reality) have a different set of rules they don't count, also when in Rome do what the Romans do(i.e. if you're with Cash Money... etc..etc.. that's a perk! otherwise chill out and let the trend die.Don't be that guy! Cut it out..MM

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

REALLY! #bullying a Nerd?"NOT" cool! they may become McDreamy....

 I grew up wondering why 'nerds' were so disliked. Was it because they were a little bit different than the "crowd"? or were they different thinkers.Sad...because if you think about it, virtually all (if not all) of  comedy comes from nerds at some point.If you pay attention, alot of your former nerds are Eye Candy,A-list actors and platinum selling artist .I asked women what's the deal! with NERDS! A slew of answers came up, but the ones that struck a cord were that Once the initial attraction has worn off and even the bedroom was over...They can hold an intelligent conversation(grunting doesn't count) they make them laugh, and not afraid to laugh at themselves(not too serious) also when she has nothing else to talk about at that moment(go figure)she can ask him about that techno 'thingy' or what happened to light once you turn off the switch...Presto! you can finish your make-up,start dinner,scold the kids and check your text messages and you know what? He's carrying the WHOLE conversation and all you have to say is "ohh okay"or "that's nice to know" or maybe "I didn't know that". Funny how dressing like a nerd is at the forefront of fashion right now. Blink once and you'll find another A-list actor reformed nerd with a beauty with moxy(what a Bad Boy) or they might have created(or something like that) a way to Socially network...In any case if you need to refer to anyone just ask your friendly neighborhood..Pres.. he's cool as fan, NOW! but you can tell.....MM

Friday, May 6, 2011

You canNOT still! be wearing your clothes like that...

I'm really tired of seeing,smelling,cringing or hearing about.every grown a** man, mogul,athlete, thug....did I leave anyone out....homo sapien(google it) over the age of 30! ( okay,with the drug epidemic in the 80's some are slow learners) without ONE pair of pants/shorts that fit without holding them, huh? The headscratcher is some are Multimillionaires!You have a problem telling them from their own kids. In public they wear the same clothes and goofy hairstyles as there kids, sooo are they really smarter than 5th graders?Listen up it's kind of simple,when you take yourself serious,you become serious about what you do and how you present yourself. DING! snowball effect: people start taking YOU serious. Yes you are grown and pay your own bills and if that keeps you afloat so be it. Continue being a Schlep Roc spreading money around instead of intelligence.' Errbody love it' while you're in their face, but once you walk away...yeah they say it, even your family...Is he EVER gonna grow up? He's STILL dressing like that, maybe a lil PRACTICE won't hurt. try it, you may like the new response. I'm just saying...MM 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Absolutely NOT! no sir, you may not wear that with...THAT?

Up to this point we have been enjoying sports and it's been pleasant to say the least. Outside of the seriousness of a few players in every sport engaging in some less than savory words/actions there's not a whole lot to complain about.UNTIL... I witnessed a character of sorts remove his blazer to reveal him wearing a short sleeve button down shirt, PROUD! Taco meat like chest hair peeking through...what? The guy is well known and respected annnd when he goes to the bank, yes Mr. is on his check,But that's neither here or there, ask somebody GEEZ! Ignorance or stubbornness in this situation is ok if you're cool being the buffoonall the time. Less is more and in this case keep your jacket on, Don't remove it and remove all doubt of whom they are talking to...OR keep your jacket on,ask your 'friends,gal pals,stylist whatever. take a smidgen of pride in the way you present yourself, Sorry it had to be said..."I may be wrong, but I doubt it" . MM