Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Crack epidemic has returned in force! please read to find out more.

Crack has returned with a vengeance. There was a time when you only had to worry about certain groups and subcultures that fit this category..Now you have unauthorized "azz crack" and #muffin tops popping up on #MEN?!? Consumers and babies eating are crying and spitting out food by the droves.Soon followed by 'mean muggin' like someone 'shat' themselves. I remember back in the day, plumbers and construction workers were the only ones that sported this look.It was kind of understood that they worked hard plus their hands were full of tools, so they didn't have time for being pretty. Today it's a fashion statement..wait..what?why?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Please oh please don't let this become...'A Thing" we ALL know what..."A Thing" on!

I reserved comment for a few years but It's been "killing me softly" to say.... nothing! Listen I made it my business to address blond hair on guys(chris brown #VMA's) and #beiber haircuts on ANYONE considering themselves grown. This is another faux pas to add...#Fear the beard has all inclinations of becoming..'a thing'. As of now all is not lost. The look is mainly comprised of athletes and entertainers. As we all know most of their fashion and style leave little to be desired.They're just 'celebrities' so...unfortunately most get a pass..such is life..