Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey ladies!! If you want to impress him "sports challenge".

I want to let you ladies know something. Point blank! men enjoy women or at the very least their own woman to express a lil' interest or give a da*n about the sports they're into.Not a whole lot of interest but when your guy yells "TOUCHDOWN" he's referring to the football play. Not! the run along the sidelines to the cheerleader girlfriend to hand her the football...although...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

News flash!! men what's the #1 thing she MUST have.. It's a "deal breaker" I hear...READ ON

Sorry boooys..(in my Pacino "Scent of A Woman" voice.."huuahh") for some of us this may still amaze but I've put some 'great' minds on this. I went as far as flipping through some of these corny ass reality shows to get a pulse on women..let's just say..Ehh!!After watching a few I'd seen enough. I came up with the answer that plague most of us 'knuckledheaded' men.Time..and not the garden variety "garbage time," after you've stop playing your game system or golfing.Nah, keep that!Not the time after you've been hangin' with your friends nope! that won't work either. The stare is penetrating your skull and burning your face off at this point. She may be tempted to utter the words 'ni**a please! and you may be as pale as Mrs.Kidman and speak french. The point is she needs...hold on... that didn't quite come out right. She requires Quality time...period.It really is as simple as that. The times has changed nothing. There are matchmakers(2nd/3rd generation I lose track) and online dating services that do great!Keep up the good work. All of those services teach the uninformed habits on dating, courting,and slowing d-o-w-n. Spend quality time, to learn her real name. This a slippery slope for any male species...just do the best you can without getting The stare aimed in your know the rest...MM

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gentleman gentleman haven't you learned yet... it's the little things!!!!

I'm sure the world has not lost it's moral compass when it comes to 'courting'. I know I know, given the language of today I'm risking a high probability of getting unfollowed,unliked and even UNFRIENDED!!!ph*ck it,I'm daring..shoot me..I want to start out by saying "I would love to make it rain" a matter 'o fact I'm not picky I'll take precipitation with a strong chance of showers!That being said...I'm telling a 'lie'.. no matter how cool it's corny and stupid(you get the 2 for 1 special) nope I refuse to say why. That would mean me assuming you're a dumb ass in 2000 anything!!! Just throwing away money because you brought to much with you.(another time, another place and I will get into it)I will say this s-l-o-w gents."It's the little things that count". never forget the little things fellas.MM

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reality relationships are #NOT! what the the doctor ordered

I've watched in silence the continued downward spiral of 'reality t.v. relationships'. I'm sorry but this new age speed dating and reality t.v. marriage is an all out assault on American...'damn that' WORLD!! intelligence.Honestly, if you've ever been in any type of relationship you well know a camera..