Monday, April 18, 2011

The "air YOU breathe..Into ONE LINERS" will be your last breath!

Hey fellas don't you love all the funny GUY movies coming out, that's not dealing with traveling pants or women just shopping, having dinner parties and charities events because the day happen to be TUESDAY. I do too...OK soapbox time, What's with the corny a** pick-up Lines? Are you kidding me?... Who doesn't love a lil classic and retro anything from time to time, but Pick-up lines! Seriously who told you that 'gobbage' really works'.The other cornball (your boy)that told you it worked on a MUTE " This one time in band camp".The 70's and 80's were supreme for pick-up lines, not saying you were Don Juan or anything but at least it was funny. Fast forward, other than a movie, YOUTUBE or phone app in this day and age...PLAYA you need to do your homework. All you will get now is a 'you smell BAD' look! Followed by a Zumba dance move to the a**crack! It's all fun and games til someone is walking with a noticeable hitch in there Giddy-up. Don't be hard headed on this one, do "NOT" attempt this, but there is a Jackass Trilogy out there sooooo at least where a cup! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohhh, so you got jokes?

This topic will do more for your self image than you know,so listen up to advice you will always be aware of. Women do NOT play fair with what is called "Jonin" in the upper crust of Americas best bodegos' and urban hang suites(all churches,country clubs and fundraiser events included) All and I do mean all gloves are off when women remotely feel like they are getting bested or razzed in a certain area or "errrbody" is laughing, AT THEM!Here comes the personals,If there is any indication of what she would say...put it this way, if she has general knowledge (not even 1st hand) of anything enormously embarrassing about you. Those infamous words should be ringing in your ear. "You know you F**ked up right?" She's about to put you on BLAST! hell Wi-fi..rude boy with the tramp stamp and navel piercing,sooo I hope you have a good sense of humor...I'm just sayin....MM

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let Women handle WOMEN "misunderstanding's""NOT" get involved...Men!

The rash of reality shows and all access shows.Seem to have every time slot filled to devour the day.So much so that you catch yourself watching SOMETHING...and I've noticed men stupidly interjecting themselves in the middle...Wow! that's 101 of becoming a MAN or if you don't know, listen and learn. Rule 1. the Only rule...NEVER! be dumb enough to allow yourself to be talked into,coerced,YOUR OPINION HELPS, and lastly...suggested advice: never forced or I told you so. You will live longer and keep everyone from hating you. Just as the old saying goes "let a man be a man",well the same goes for women..let them work thru it without YOUR input. You won't understand it, you will  try to make logic out of it, they have you floating off in la la land while they've made up...had drinks and talking about your clown A** for CALLIN' yourself helping and adding your 2cents! Who asked you again? exactly, I know she did, but in that moment when the girls are girls AGAIN! your opinion was nothing but rants and gibberish of a man anyway....