Friday, August 16, 2013

No more...All Hale the Ball fro?

In my mind I'm like BRUH...why am I addressing this. It's 2000 something or another! Personally I feel like there's been an all out attack on women and their hairless/sculpted nether regions since the Internet age.(mid 90's give or take not the point) My personal preference is..who cares.  America has obviously taken great interest in polling the data and it has occurred to me that what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The immediate and overwhelming response...
The Ball Fro has to go..let that wash over you like badass breath! Eagle Nest1!..Alcatraz!! whateva! A deserted island with a wilted, lone palm tree standing alone barely getting water... Aside from it just looks better. Health reasons should be number one and smell is without passing go 2nd! It's one thing to walk around rocking 'Ye Ole Honest Abe' up top. As hair grow towards your mid to lower region...there's no reason for you to stay nostalgic my friend. You are obviously confused with that 70's t.v. show and reality...In real life you will drastically cut down your percentage to attract and/or keep the attention of  anyone in this day and age,plus why hurt your odds...honestly? Believe me homeboy I've been around long enough to hear the constant and I do mean constant! reminders of how much women (you have a mother/sisters no excuses) go through all the time for any occasion to get "pretty" for their significant..My advice for you is to at least put in an effort. Show that you care somewhat about your appearance. Obviously continued visitation to your 'playground' will probably depend on how clean you keep the 'area'....I'm just sayin'....#millenniumman1