Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Process is yours to it..endure it..sigh..humility..That last one though..

You have it all figured out at this point don't you? How to input the proper steps thru information learned. Just plug 'THE' solution into said problem annnd..WTF!?!? Why is this happening.. What do you mean I can't type it into the search engine that knows ALL? That's not fair! How did "they" do it?.."They" didn't tell me to go that route/or it was going to be that hard(I've realized they and "I heard" is used so many times when asking someone to explain their own thoughts in general). Family and friends along the way helped me focus.. most times requiring me to pay attention and E-n-d-u-r-e...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Fear(s) in with them or they'll be ...WAITING..

Fear is a healthy emotion in some regards. Displaying fear is something I've never grown accustomed too. "Never let'em see you sweat" was a motto I first heard in a commercial from my youth, and as a young man It became a whisper in my ear as challenges arose and disappeared. The fear emotion allows you to respect whatever/whomever the situation is pertaining too. The 'yipps'..butterflies even 'bubble guts' are all signs. The names may change but the emotion you're feeling is the same. Agonizing about why. You get upset for allowing more emotion to show than you wanted. Breathe.. My guy! You're human after all..

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I packaged this up real nice 4 you all..

I've realized what makes people in Today's Tomorrowland move. The "packaging" or the package itself shall I say. Knowledge and information comes from everyone and anywhere. People, places and things may verbalize it. While we tend to learn from inanimate objects. I've drinketh from plenty cups(plural) of said Kool-Aid as I was infatuated, in respect to the 'packaging.'
Obviously the term 'packaging' is used as a metaphor for this post. The outside wrapping of the package may be physically/mentally appealing, OR for the sake of argument, may not be palatable at all . We all get caught watching a train wreck because of the fascination with packaging at times...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ole School taught me.. Old fashion is always in style!

Age in this equation is magnified x's 2. The personal feeling across the board young to old as the seasons up top changed has been refreshing! Even where hair once flowed and the hairline taketh away. Weathering of skin becomes obvious. Even better, technology hasn't eliminated EVERYTHING. Some of us thinking and actually DOING...things! The old slogan "just do it" from a bygone era is still appreciated. Effort in society from men that still give a damn to challenge and challenges be dammed.( Heads up guys! guess who make up a vast part of our society.. ask yo mama)? There's a small part of envy I had for those that knew the who, The what and The why before they were adults. I felt rogue, All my actions were definitely resistant to the "Quo". I was living a version of Manhood witnessed directly from 'ole school' or an old fashioned way of thinking...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The bliss of Ignorance and Men...Still today?!?.

I take issue with grown men comfortable with 'Ignorance being bliss theory" STILL. Nowadays the internet has solved all those conundrums that mommy/daddy could not. I believe you make conscious choices to be informed about things you feel still matter. You sir! are a product of Your choices made..or NOT. You're at an age where all responsibility of knowledge is yours. Let the 'spoon feeding cease and desist. Searching for life's "blueprint" designed especially for you is something that should be fully experienced and devoured. There's a certain amount of selfishness that comes with the construct of said "blueprint." When you adamantly refuse to develop your mental(ity)beyond what you made it through high school/college..W.T.F. is that about?!?