Monday, January 17, 2011

Ebonics in the "Workplace"

Uhhmm yeah, can you say that again...In ENGLISH! Sorry, but this is suppose to hurt. The "gobbage"  stops here!There's a point when you want to be acknowledged and therefore treated as a man.Leave the 'special sauce,lettuce,cheese' between you and your friends.When speaking to ADULTS!!!!! in an adult setting or professional environment(this is an oldie but a goodie) less is more...and let's be real, once it (ebonics) make it into corporate america, the word or action becomes corny! And the person saying it is viewed as a 'cornball'.
We don't get jiggy,wit bling bling.(never did) No, every answer is not 4shizzle my nizzle..please please correct those who know not what they do.Aiight son!!!