Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Getting older for us I dunno..Kewl!.....Tune in for more!

I was turning 40! Oh gawwwd..I couldn't believe I was about to lose teeth specifically designed to improve my smile..bump that!.."preventive maintenance" was key, brushing and flossing became more of a religion. Quite frankly it wasn't funny NO MO..too many men I'd known that didn't have Hockey or MMA as a hobby/career were 'bald mouf' (as Sandra Kay would so eloquently put it). It was something that deftly scared the 'ish' out of me.I tend to smile TOO D$MN MUCH! Not to mention I did my share of watching t.v as a kid. plus I really enjoy sports. There was no stopping it from where I was sitting. The Jefferson's (George) and Good Times 'ain't we lucky we got'em'(James..James..JAMES!) was in heavy rotation at my crib.My ole' boy controlled the remote and t.v. guide with every d$mn thing circled already!) 'Money Mike' Jordan was walking on air in the 80's! and 90's with cool azz Bugs Bunny and he couldn't escape the hairline thing. I didn't know what to do! Once the dreaded DNA gene hit or better yet U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D Father Time. I'm a regular dude (like most) So I didn't have extra to splurge on implants, cosmetic surgeries or Spanx for men... OUT of the 'effin' question( try a mudrun, Crossfit..something that involves an ACTION verb..i.e running,dancing lifting..etc.stop limiting yourself saying you don't have time to improve on you). I watched and implemented examples of men that were aging gracefully..i.e.Harry Belafonte, Smokey Robinson,Rev.Timmie McNeese (My Grandfather)..all had tidbits of knowledge that helped. Then I added that special sauce.... ME! Who else did you think I was gonna say...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Say Man!! HEYYY!..Which "FRIEND" did you ask to co-sign thaaaaat!?!?..

The aha! moment is upon you. At this very moment your outlook on life is paramount to becoming the 2.5 version of yourself(I only know of one guy in the year 3000! and he resides in the A.(tlanta) have been for a while..chillin! (What up 3!) murdered the fur leggings #lightyears.. The biggest mistakes I've seen thus far are MEN confusing 'ish' that's just for chicks.. pink toes. slim goodies ..WOMEEN damn it! That's trending at the moment. If you're like most, we live in the moment..FOR..the moment( at least I do)..I follow a few trends, as most of us do. I'm also mature enough to understand. I know when to practice restraint of certain looks, and for me that's foremost! I've been known to posses a certain young spirit(clothes included) Even though it may be the hottest SH*T IN THEM STREETZ  pimpn!!! #ducklips and pouty lips are a NOOO GOOO  hell naw..cut it out! Who co-signed that look? Which one of your supposed friends said "go ahead press send"?..It was a  joke! they made a funny!?! Hehehahah see just playing?!? No one took you serious. Sharing straight 'gobbage'...FOOL

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Manhood O'Manhood where art thou!..YOU START MISSIN..The streetz START talkin..!

Mmmm..I like the sound of that...#MANHOOD( The voice in my head is of Mr.Hand while stroking my invisible goatee...Fast times at Ridgemont High#classic). I was under the impression that entering the "Secret Society of Man" I was 'gettin' INCHES boy! A slew of them, spread all over for good measure..if you must know I was hoping to Yes taller! We'll go with that(It's still a PG-13 blog). Was I sorely pissed! What I did get was a wealth of knowledge that eluded me..just learning to PEE straight with some consistency "whew" I thought I was doomed!  Side-note: The free spirit in me love the fact that certain decisions were made recently that allowed 'people to be people'. I diiiig! Enough of that, back to my soap box..
I've often contended that I/We as men need change in some areas of our daily..but certain I'll say "FEATURES" should stand as defiant as say a..flag!?! My memories of tough guys did #NOT show them as being unkind or not being chivalrous, quite the opposite..Hale the earliest stories I heard about my Uncle Marvin Sr. was something I used to scare friends in the projects while having 1 up stories. His #manhood was/is intact like a chastity belt. Merle said his nickname was 'Thug be damned' or SUMTHN on the corner(blocks came later ya'hearrrd) don't quote me on the name. You know how 2nd hand info can be( pops is no longer chillin' with us)..

Friday, July 3, 2015

GOOOOD Morning East St. LOUIS!!! pardon my fresh..'The Boogie'..

I had a random thought..This by no way me being disrespectful to the 'Boogie down Bronx.' I would however like to ELEVATE a city in Illinois that's NOT anything like anywhere you've witnessed. A place where the buffalo's and Mudfoots( Fat Albert circa 1972) roam. Some stay to hold the forte. Others move on to tell the tale of the city affectionately known as 'the Boogie'. It sharpened edges long before I knew I needed one. Also, what it meant in future endeavors throughout life!...period. This is two-fold for me..'The Boogie' and the rearing of my older brother Antonio( YES! I dropped his government) in said boogie..I would love to tell you how Ice cold he was in them streets..sheeiiit!..THAT'S A LIE! Tony is goofy as HALE If you know him! But you'd love him all the same..Oblong body shape with eyes so small he earned the nickname "Chinese n***a" as a kid (school was different..sorry for the UN-political correctness of the language but, meh). The 70's and 80's in 'the boogie' were the times, It was a vitally important for me. Not just about girls, joning,ranking or buying clothes getting thorough..etc.For me it was Tony, T-rock TNT,Master prepping, poplocking and break dancing UNLIMITED! And yes before you ask THAT was his introduction.. dammit man! I'm glad to be from a place that the status quo was "Iron sharpening iron" daily. Your mettle..MY mettle was tested by my big bro before I stepped out into the city. Where the guarantee was real, no pop quizzes about life here. You will be tested!..En garde young man.."On your guard I say." Arm yourself with the knowledge of understanding what you're about to face, no slight of hand needed. The sparring and brotherly squabbles I had with tony prepared me for the daily grind. No "soft shoeing" for my guy when it came to the verbal( the knowledge was like second hand smoke straight from San & Merle). Despite his demeanor or what it seemed outside the crib..He wore a lot of "stripes" in place of his little bro..A many of days man..A many of days..Am I my brothers keeper..I didn't know that was a question..I grew up with my very own odd shaped, goofy ass big brother Superhero thing happening....#goodmorningeaststlouis..Love is Love..MM

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Because I was thinking about you....

Those times when I thought.."Mom I got it"(she allowed us kids call her San) "I can do it all by myself" and then my WHATHEFUKEVA! kicked in..I dunno if it's called stubbornness or 'being grown' at an early age but..."I CAN DO IT"! (of course she stepped aside.. As she never stood in the way of us kids being independent...not grown their is a difference). I wanna say at 4y.o. I was going on 25! AFTER many failed attempts, I looked back for her with defeat in my eyes. Not knowing what happened or where she WENT!!! Sannn.. I'm bombing here, the love your life?! She became 'The watcher' from a distance. Watching..observing..slightly chuckling..She then asked the 64,000 dollar question. "Are you quitting? or do you need help?"( the task was the task it didn't matter to her WHAT it was, so don't get hung up on that) Huh?..what kind of crazy question is that. Of course I quit if given the choice, the task was too hard. She repeated the question more succinct while starring into my eyes.."Are you giving up? or do you need help". Immediately my little mind was working to understand the choices. I knew I didn't want to disappoint my favorite as a caveat she was the strongest person I'd ever known hands down, bar none, put A RING ON IT!( Now passed away, it still remains true of any person I've come across)..

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To be or NOT to be..A sore loser..not cool after..

I've always wanted to write this post. It's been writing itself for the past 8yrs at the very least (s./o. to #potus). It's real amongst a lot of today's adults..sigh..let's get it. What was taught you ask? How to take a loss IN ANYTHING! absorb it in some ways similar to a win and even try being gracious in a loss.. make sense? As a kid it took me time to learn and it maaay have spread into early adulthood for some, but you learned. Why? Because you seem petty as an adult sore loser! No hashtags..nope! no made up fancy words combined for trending purposes..No sir! It's a regular word in heavy rotation in Websters..petty. "You can't win'em all" was ingrained in the noggin as early as a competitive streak was noticed at home! Society wasn't like it is today. My parents/aunts,uncles,grandparents etc. Did not/was not entrusting society to hopefully teach me life lessons. I still remember a certain 'rotund' basketball player constantly stating "I'm not a role model" so true. To be or not to be a sore loser is the ? My personal(my blog) belief is that it lowers the value of whatever it is you're so agitated about. Also, it's an unfiltered look at YOU as a person. Getting caught up in the masses is easy.All things being social you're tried in the public's opinion anyway..

Friday, January 23, 2015

Clean up your house's 2015!

Days of the odd couple(Google it) Ala' Felix Unger lashing out at 'Oscar' for being filthy are unceremoniously over (good riddance). I mean if you want company at your home at any point in your LIFE..male/female you pick!!It's real simple, most guys think their level of clean is sufficient..chances are..meh! If you are unfamiliar with cleanliness ask a woman in your life that'll take pity on your soul. Plead to her compassionate side. Maybe to stop by once in awhile for reinforcement pointers if needed. The small chance that your ego and eardrums will survive the constant ridicule,loneliness and different hand lotions from Bath and BodyWork are low.. but HEY! there's something for everyone, shout out to all the 40 year old virgins with supple hands. Especially the one's with the high score on games that most people don't care about ANY DAMN WAY. I'm not saying go overboard and start obsessing. No need to develop a nervous tick or 'I declare war' on a family member's head if things are out of place(see Deuce Bigalow and Monk) Instead why not start a simple habit..Maybe try giving yourself enough time to clean/pick up behind yourself(you know the stuff that your mom screamed at you about as a CHILD) before you leave your house. That way you won't have much to do if company follows you home or you get a surprise visitor..How many surprise visitors have you had by #NOT cleaning up gotten you in the past?..I'm just saying..allow me to continue. I'm one for having a warm feeling to my place.."lived in" as some would say. Having an inviting place that someone wouldn't mind being in besiiides you is not bad..try it. You've obviously done the leg work to move out on your own. Now is not the time to bottle up! GIVE yourself as many chances as you can in the friends/dating arena(NON VIRTUAL) no internet connection is needed here.Wow! yeah that just happened I threw a bumgarner curve right atcha'...concentrate grasshopper.. your goal is to attract friends. Just K.i.S.S.(keep it simple stupid). let's not make things hard. Almost forgot, there's a certain amount of want and laziness that you may have to confront...MM