Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I packaged this up real nice 4 you all..

I've realized what makes people in Today's Tomorrowland move. The "packaging" or the package itself shall I say. Knowledge and information comes from everyone and anywhere. People, places and things may verbalize it. While we tend to learn from inanimate objects. I've drinketh from plenty cups(plural) of said Kool-Aid as I was infatuated, in respect to the 'packaging.'
Obviously the term 'packaging' is used as a metaphor for this post. The outside wrapping of the package may be physically/mentally appealing, OR for the sake of argument, may not be palatable at all . We all get caught watching a train wreck because of the fascination with packaging at times...
Sadly the more observation lead me to realize that all packages weren't meant 4 me! The ability gained over the years to understand and decipher has served me well. Make sure to do your diligent best before you allow contents to enter your 'insert trendy word of 2017'. Today I woke up in #beastmode..We believe what's in front of our eyes and listen to what we hear more times than not. Then like magic the hand is quicker than the eye or what you're listening to, isn't exactly what you heard #alternativefacts may have taken it's place. Pay attention, don't get caught gawking..close your mouth! The packaging is exquisite though, should I..yes!!.Insist on understanding and knowing more about said contents before consuming. It's ok to persistent without feeling like you need to apologize. Again developing your ability to decipher and identify will serve you well. As an adult male I've been past the point of anyone force feeding me anything! You should be too. Alas, it's not required of you to accept a matter of fact you're expected to #resist if the 'package' in question doesn't quite match contents inside being delivered. Resist the temptation to continue until you full understand what's really being delivered. My name is De'Andre and I packaged this up real nice 4 you all. I hope you like. Millennium Man out.#love#dating#menslifestyle#men#women#resist #packaging#fathers#veterans