Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grown men do"NOT" have sleepovers..

Wow! the fact that I'm addressing a situation concerning sleepovers and grown a** men like the "Ya Ya sisterhood of traveling pants" is ridiculous. Women and kids should be the only ones using this terminology and the only ones doing this at all. As a man if you sleep at 'yo boyz' crib because you're tired,drunk or just crashin' to crash. please leave it at that..A sleepover homeboy?...a sleepover?!? Those words may not come out of your mouth without an immediate and swift reaction of anyone in earshot.Expect a slew of perplexing looks aimed in your direction commonly known as the'GASFACE',THE STINK EYE or a simple YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! Own your manhood gents, without the baby talk....p.s. no swapping clothes after highschool...ehh.. for the slower developers college, after that...get a clue or buy a vowel...whatever man..#MM #Menslifestyle