Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dude, it's never ok to use the word "cute"(If you're hetrosexual that is) to describe anything around other heterosexual men... but! there are 'small' exceptions

I've often wondered when?...when was it cool to start? I know some things are a little 'ole school' but aye! If that's the case...stamp MY passport 'ole school'.As a guy that's been around for a few decades I've never felt the need to challenge certain rules of 'the code'...i.e..When showering in a public shower either at the gym, in prison or even summer camp..'Soap on a rope'...That's never been questioned because it's self explanatory. Some things are self explanatory. Let me get right into it. Off the top of my head there is nothing cute to me, around me or about me 'In the presence of another heterosexual man' period.Sorry if that offends/confuses some of you because of the 'new' political correctness going on shouldn't! Now, If there's a woman(ANY female!) asking you if something is cute then obviously it's perfectly alright to use cute as an expression,But let there be no mistake a real female has to be present either when asked or when referencing anything as cute. I can talk about this for a while but why? Just tighten up friends...oh yeah you're welcome!