Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Fear(s) in with them or they'll be ...WAITING..

Fear is a healthy emotion in some regards. Displaying fear is something I've never grown accustomed too. "Never let'em see you sweat" was a motto I first heard in a commercial from my youth, and as a young man It became a whisper in my ear as challenges arose and disappeared. The fear emotion allows you to respect whatever/whomever the situation is pertaining too. The 'yipps'..butterflies even 'bubble guts' are all signs. The names may change but the emotion you're feeling is the same. Agonizing about why. You get upset for allowing more emotion to show than you wanted. Breathe.. My guy! You're human after all..
Now it's up to you to use it and push thru..evolve. It's up to you to bend it to your will. It takes time and patience to 'learn' how best to manipulate your fears, much like the manipulation/managing of all other emotions. I realized rather quickly the fear emotion is definitely not a learn by 'Osmosis' or an 'I'll age'(not grow there's a difference) into it achievement. What someone else does to manage theirs may not be the recipe for you. There are triggers you need to learn about yourself before you can deal with issues holding you hostage. Possibly from moving forward into Manhood..Adulthood..Life. I continue to mention learn and you in the same context. In short my hope is to invigorate you, with subtle pressure tactics applied. I'm not certain of ways to eliminate fear or any emotion for that matter. Why concentrate on wishful thinking or theoretically speaking "If I wasn't..." or "If this didn't exist". Unfortunately it does, even if it's a mental obstacle. You deserve to face certain #fears head on! That...thing! is just in the way. Well that's the hard part. That's YOU!  Stung the shit outta me when It was directed at me foot in front of the other is what works best for me. Get started, deal with them one at a time, but deal with them. Remember the human thing!..MM #millennials#man#love#dating#menslifestyle#women#millennium#fear#emotion