Thursday, March 17, 2011

To B.(lond) or not to B.(lond)...Yes! that's the question

Once in a Blue moon some guy hangs his "nads" in the wind for a free for all bashing.Sad to say that alot of times they do it with the advice of supposed friends or YES men! That being said I couldn't in good faith make a comment about MEN with a "beiber" hairstyle(nice "New" cut by the way) and not say anything about Blond Ambition!! Yes blonde's have a lot of fun I'm sure...but that's WOMEN! Listen to these words of caution***If you consider yourself a heterosexual male and you are looking to make a statement.. change the cologne you wear, shave or grow a goatee. DO NOT dye your hair blond or silver(look up Sisqo). Cheesy is the first thing to come to mind. Your 'boyz' that cosigned it(told you it was cool)..YOU'RE FIRED! STEP...HIT THE BRICKS,whatever just get them out of your circle or at the very least stop taking advice from Rocket Scientist. If not, YOU not them will once again appear on the 'NOT' List....look at me now.