Monday, April 18, 2011

The "air YOU breathe..Into ONE LINERS" will be your last breath!

Hey fellas don't you love all the funny GUY movies coming out, that's not dealing with traveling pants or women just shopping, having dinner parties and charities events because the day happen to be TUESDAY. I do too...OK soapbox time, What's with the corny a** pick-up Lines? Are you kidding me?... Who doesn't love a lil classic and retro anything from time to time, but Pick-up lines! Seriously who told you that 'gobbage' really works'.The other cornball (your boy)that told you it worked on a MUTE " This one time in band camp".The 70's and 80's were supreme for pick-up lines, not saying you were Don Juan or anything but at least it was funny. Fast forward, other than a movie, YOUTUBE or phone app in this day and age...PLAYA you need to do your homework. All you will get now is a 'you smell BAD' look! Followed by a Zumba dance move to the a**crack! It's all fun and games til someone is walking with a noticeable hitch in there Giddy-up. Don't be hard headed on this one, do "NOT" attempt this, but there is a Jackass Trilogy out there sooooo at least where a cup!