Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohhh, so you got jokes?

This topic will do more for your self image than you know,so listen up to advice you will always be aware of. Women do NOT play fair with what is called "Jonin" in the upper crust of Americas best bodegos' and urban hang suites(all churches,country clubs and fundraiser events included) All and I do mean all gloves are off when women remotely feel like they are getting bested or razzed in a certain area or "errrbody" is laughing, AT THEM!Here comes the personals,If there is any indication of what she would say...put it this way, if she has general knowledge (not even 1st hand) of anything enormously embarrassing about you. Those infamous words should be ringing in your ear. "You know you F**ked up right?" She's about to put you on BLAST! hell Wi-fi..rude boy with the tramp stamp and navel piercing,sooo I hope you have a good sense of humor...I'm just sayin....MM