Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey ladies!! If you want to impress him "sports challenge".

I want to let you ladies know something. Point blank! men enjoy women or at the very least their own woman to express a lil' interest or give a da*n about the sports they're into.Not a whole lot of interest but when your guy yells "TOUCHDOWN" he's referring to the football play. Not! the run along the sidelines to the cheerleader girlfriend to hand her the football...although...that is technically a 'touchdown.' to be redeemed later(wink)...Genuine interest goes a loong way plus believe it or not you may actually like it. Oh lawd blessed be... if for some reason you and your hunny don't make it,most heterosexual men enjoy some form of watching/participating in sports.Warning **priority one alert** Only talk during commercial breaks and halftime.You will have his undivided attention.Plus you have a greater chance of him listening to ANYTHING!! on your "beautiful mind"....copied blank stare(from my mother) I added a smirk... thats all I choose to push it without risk of a long lonely evening...I'm smart too..p.s. for the record if you need help with your fantasy football and in a crux "give her a shot" you may be surprised..MM