Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reality relationships are #NOT! what the the doctor ordered

I've watched in silence the continued downward spiral of 'reality t.v. relationships'. I'm sorry but this new age speed dating and reality t.v. marriage is an all out assault on American...'damn that' WORLD!! intelligence.Honestly, if you've ever been in any type of relationship you well know a camera..
 is the last thing you want/or need in the middle of it.Oh yeeaahh(in my 'macho man Randy Savage' voice..R.I.P.) that's right...everlasting undeniable evidence of how truly ignorant you are(with absolutely NO! acting experience necessary).What ever happened to "if it ain't broke don't fix it."I know it's cliche' but for a reason I'm guessing. Like I've stated many times before I love evolution and sometime we have no choice but to evolve, but good #ole fashion dating? what was wrong with that? Why did it have to get sped up into an E! 2part multimillion dollar version of "A Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" wedding fiasco!!! that left the public asking a bonafide question of was it real(ity) or memorex.At this point we have drifted into 'microwave living.'Anything that requires a smidgen longer than it takes to download a new app on hook-ups we're not interested. So far the number of "reality relationships" that actually survive are minuscule in comparison to how many that actually stand the test..of a real life relationship..without the applauds and personal assistants to watch your kids while you throw yet again another charity fundraiser!!!Use some of that charity and buy a clue.Take your time to get to know someone. I know it's 'old school' but how has #NOT getting to know someone working for you..MM