Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ahh...the courtesy flush" often misdiagnosed or misrepresented!!

Let's dive right in. The courtesy flush...Yeah, I said it! I bet some of you are sooo grateful for best friends,buds and BFF's right now.Girls and guys both can understand this topic.I've now heard it through the proverbial 'grapevine'  that you can definitely include spouses...
Significant others,O.P.P. 'bootycalls' and bartenders(Oops! 'mixologist' excuse me!I don't want to get banned from ANYTHING by bartenders against punks or PETA against bar goers...I'm just sayin') The courtesy flush can 'NEVA' be overused in any situation..With that said if it's 'her day' (we don't need a reason or day to get 'smammered' ladies.... all a part of being a man) and that's to include birthdays,Soccer Sundays and most events where 'kids' are the majority..aww shhh I almost forgot the easiest one... when it's her d*mn prerogative to get drunk! There are times when you need to just "get away" and a snicker won't cut it. You find yourself 3 sheets to the wind. All you wanna do is talk to anyone that will listen... Your 'wing'man/woman or partner in crime.Normally on speed dial but probably laying right next to you or have access to your home/car etc... Always there when no one else gives a 'shnoz'. Especially there when the toilet is FULL of 'hotd*mn' from earlier and your strength is gone because you're all dry heaved out...Voila' out of nowhere almost like a sign from the 'porcelain gawd' you've been clinching...'whoosh' a courtesy flush is thank you is needed, continue my friend continue and don't forget to pay it forward...MM