Tuesday, January 3, 2012

She gave it to you straight..don't act like she wasn't talking to YOU!! but wait ladies there's more...

Are we actually that naive in life or do we intentionally play dumb.I guess it looks cool for the brooding Edward type from the twilight movies..
to act like he doesn't know if he likes you or not. Or say the bumbling Clark Kent type that has barely seen himself naked let alone a woman.You swoop in to save him(because you're so nice). Tweak his bad habits to make them tolerable.Walk him through a paint by numbers intervention of how to talk,act and appreciate women... and then... he leaves to get involved with a 'skank'..sigh.. such is life. Ahh but there's more #ladies. That pendulum swings both ways of course... there are times when sources other than the "Almighty O!"(albeit not many) or A reality t.v. star(s) showing you the many ways to "Keep up with them". please understand I'm not hating,The couple of examples I've given are of successful beautiful women that has worked their butts off..'tongue and cheek' moment..(let it marinate) to attain a measure of success and happiness, BUT everyone doNOT fall into their category. Some of you ladies ask questions about your own dating status or lack thereof without actually wanting/listening to...help! Remember it's 2012 ignorance is definitely not bliss.Once you find out what you are lacking(I know "how dare I".. I've heard it all "your azz don't melt when it rains sista" sugar so sweet you are NOT we ALL have a few issues) what do you do with the information? Hopefully apply it to the bumps and bruises of life like a band-aid and try again,lastly stay your azz off of "reality" t.v. asking Why am I still Single?" like you don't know....MM