Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chick Alert!! The "Banger sisters" what a groovey kind of love..a must read..

I was watching a movie the other day and enjoyed watching the camaraderie between women. They were actually happy to be in the company of one another. I've noticed these days unless you're a family(#Kardashians) or paid to fake act like you get along with a person until:guess what? Let's go out somewhere really nice to eat...and wait like a predator in the wild. Out of nowhere she ask you to pass the salt or says something nice about how you look today and OH HALE NO SHE DIDN'T she don't know me like that!! A brawl ensues...
Eyelashes,asses and weave flying around like a circus act out of Ringling Bros.'Lawd' knows where the kids are while the mothers..the mothers..ya'll didn't hear me The mamas' are on prime time gettin' that 15mins and a well deserved check.Well at least most adults know it's scripted, but the young 'impressionable' ladies think this is the way women handle things.Has the self worth of our most precious gifts(women) sunk to smackin' the ish out of some other woman in the name of what??ratings?? At least when Catherine Chancellor 'PUT THEM PAWS' on Jill she was acting and won Emmy's. she wasn't ruining her public image.#Susan Sarandon and #Goldie Hawn... The 'Banger sisters' man what a groovy kind of love...that's just my 2cents it may not be worth much but it had to be said..MM