Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hell has finally frozen over and Meggings! are the prime culprit..

I listened and learned some things back when I was a rebel and thought I had a cause. Everythings' not for everyone. I wasn't born in the time when men wore wigs(I'm good on that). Where does the insanity stop. It seems as though the fashion 'powers that be' has run amok! They've run out of fresh ideas to liven up Mens' fashion...Instead of fashion forward,I've noticed a steady regression. I feel(my 2cents only) at the very least we're mimicking Womens' fashion a little too closely. The hip-hop era ushered in the woefully baggy clothes look( yeah I did it it!!)Suffice it to say it took a decade plus to taper down the look,but as you know we are a society of extremes..Skinny jeans followed and depending on the brand and size you could find a happy middle ground. Then the head scratchers..#Super skinny jeans?(see earlier blog post) and now #meggings?!? In what alternate universe do you wear umm..meggings?(men&leggings for the socially impaired). I have some serious issues and questions with this, Do you go "commando?". Are you now concerned if your boxer briefs can be seen through your meggings? Don't gymnast wear something similar? sooo that means you may need to invest in some sort of 'jock'(women call it Let's be honest tights..meggings same family no need to become overly concerned with correct lingo at this point homeboy you need Jesus...or at the very least perfect your 'stanky ass leg' dance. Might as well capitalize on your new found fame because make no mistake lil sisco you will get noticed....#millennium#super#skinnyjeans#men#not