Thursday, February 21, 2013

Personality...sigh..Why be the Only person you know without one...

We can all agree that being handsome(or lack thereof) is in the eyes of the beholder. Cosmetic surgery has spiked over the years, but not for you Mr. The mere mention will earn you the Heisman pose..once again! pointed directly at you,palm fully extended(contact to the nose and chin should be EXPECTED).honesty here, a new wardrobe and weight loss will only get you so far. If people still refer to you as Capt.D@#$head as you walk up, or a mass text is sent out about the the A-S-S..hole!..
and you never get one...That would be a great time for self evaluation and brutal honesty. You can't buy a personality so put away your "racks on racks on racks". Yes! the answer is yes, the real you will show thru your fancy schmancy new duds. Anyone paying attention will surely see thru your phony facade.
This area of development requires no money...just effort. Why not have a plan B once gravity and father time enters' your life! If you are part of the 'chosen few' that are Jack o lantern handsome. THIS should be the area you own. Read and educate yourself. pay attention to some things the opposite sex may be saying ***WARNING when they start to babble on about nonsense,then you can 'tune' them out like normal. Nowadays babble has anything to do with anyones' reality show,life or include singing and dancing. Women enjoy great personalities ask one! other than that why be a #mitch?( guess) We alllll care how people view us to some degree, no matter what we say.MM