Sunday, May 19, 2013

MEELS!!!..oh GEEZ! sleep off that hangover on your own time! We need to speak...quickly!

I've worn boots(Cowboy,Durango,Timberlands..etc.) for as long as I can remember and will continue. At no time did I or anyone else ever refer to them as heels..or shall I say Meels!?!?...Oh God! I'm sorry and apologize for using the Lords name blatantly unexpected, but those were the first words that fell out of my mouth! I ran across an article claiming THIS to be the NEXT big thing for today's' men. #Ladies..
I know you get a little fed up at times with fashion and the trends for you to follow. Most men(especially straight) don't follow fashion closely enough to care about "whats hot". This is where we/they need you. Pretty puulease with that fashionista thing 'you have going on' and keeping your significant other in the same season you're dressing in currently. DO NOT "fall for the banana in the tailpipe" trick.(Beverly hills cop Google it) Meels are definitely NOT a good look on your man or ANY #fail. As you well know certain items on the catwalk remain on the catwalk. If you are a guy that's vertically challenged(short) get lifts for the inside of your shoes. When women wear heels there's a certain grace that follows with each stride(in most cases). What DUDE!?! do any of us want to see clumsily and pigeon toed. Wobbling your way and before he reaches you...You said it, a 200 plus pound behemoth loses it and all HALE(go figure torn acl or something) hits you square in your chest like a MMA fighter. Picture a woman of average size and build?!?...can you say CPR, respirator and wheezing?let alone you just went viral .On top of all that, I'm not sure I wanna see some guy trying to out dance his partner to a Beyonce song in meels..or period. I'm good on that, I still dig the way Bey dances in heels. Lastly, all things are a personal choice and we've all made choices that we look back on and say Yuck.Someone probably warned us but we wanted to be different(sorry #wade) sad to say a bad #Decision(sorry #Lebron) made stays with us.Just because we've gotten creative with the English language and combined names of couples and friends. We also drop the first letter of everything questionable to put an M in its place to make it masculine..As stated in earlier post I've never owned a pair of mandals. but I've owned a few pair of question. If you have to switch up the lettering to make you feel good about wearing it, then maaayyybeee...MM