Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Celebrity phone convo?

Watching reality t.v. has it's perks at times. There are things that we as a public are enamored with( the whole watching a  train wreck analogy fits here) t.m.i. means nothing nowadays though. Everyone feels like they have a right to know all of your personal business, and for some reason as time has did the seismic shift under our feet. We tend to indulge everyone's need to know...RITE NOW. I get it! I really do. curiosity is a 'mofo' .You can't tempt me with a gut wrenching laugh or a brain teaser as to why someone is considering having yet another charity event and their house is in foreclosure???
I strap my 'thinking cap' on tight. I know in my heart it's going to be a question on Jeopardy( What are dumb ass millionaires?) or a life adventure in the remake of Slum dog Millionaire. The celebrity show phone call is all the rage as I see it. No one wants to hold the phone up to their ear anymore(lazy much?). Even bluetooth has become passe' I guess. I totally understand why they do it on t.v. but you're not on T.V! For the life of me I can't understand what's the deal with making everyone in earshot listen your conversation from the person on your phone call describe what their day consist of in painstaking details as if WE care. You're barely paying attention yourself. So, what makes us so special? Why do we care whats going on in your life? As a matter o' fact who are you? and why don't you keep your business to yourself. At least don't make everyone around you privy to whats happening in your life. Speakerphone wasn't just invented but the 'reality show phone call" has taken off lately and yeah it's corny. It cries look at me or I'll take more attention please... for all the wrong reasons. Grow up! If you need someone to hear what you have to say that bad "the couch" in someones office is always available I'm sure of it.MM