Monday, June 17, 2013

Above the knee. below the knee..make up your mind please!!.. stay tuned while I"splain lucy"!!

Aha! I have someones attention, It's not just conjecture.The thought provoking images the title brings forth lands directly where it should. On the eyes and between the ears of 'men of a certain age'(and our curious women..that will let them know..gotta love the curiosity..I sure do). The term is what is used to categorize us gentleman pass the point of some fashion excuses. It's definitely a want thing as with most things.Above the knee shorts is where you should start investing if all of your casual shorts resemble basketball shorts(below the knee.. for the challenged). Your mid to late 20's is good place to start if you need more details of what 'men of a certain age' I'm referencing. Not to say you should chuck all of your 'gaucho style' shorts, they can/will still be worn.But, If you want to look like you're in the millennium and not caught in 'throwback life' please by all means continue #iverson. Clothes are fitting better, that's not by mistake folks...
Grunge,hood,redneck,street soldier, rockstar  whateva' affiliation fits. I'm speaking directly to you. I've known from the beginning you don't care for change. You should embrace changes in society as evolution. Oppose to discounting everything before giving it a try. No need to punish the eye sockets of innocents by evoking your inner richard simmons(we're good.. keep that for your Revolution..we're still on Evolution). Also, If you are short and you wear the gaucho style short, It makes you look stumpy almost midget-like. If you're tall you look like early #shaq during his Kazaam years. I knew I had to"splain" more of the title(shout out to Lucy and Desi Arnaz show). All I'm suggesting is taking a look at your current wardrobe and make a few logical(man) decisions as an adult male. Leave the emotional attachment to clothes to the"YaYa Sisterhood of the Traveling pants", plus their fashion sense tend to be better than ours on average..I'm just sayin.MM