Saturday, June 1, 2013

Man's bestfriend...If you're lucky you may have more than one..(technically)

Man's best friend... I personally have two! I would like to take this time to brag about. Recently I've had a few tragedy's in my life that required me to "relax and take notes". Heartbreak along with unsure footing of what to do or where to turn. Had me contemplating using my passport(like #Kanye after the Taylor Swift situation) I just needed to get away and a snicker wouldn't cut it. Advice came pouring in from different areas of how to handled it and what not. Nothing seemed to work...until..My best friends stepped in..
Sister's are the ISH! right? I say that in respect to all brothers(younger/older) out there. This is no indictment on you but an acknowledgment for those that don't know. To take a look behind the proverbial 'wizards curtain'. My sisters where/are crutches 1 and 2. They've been that way since they were old enough to understand I was leaving for the military. They didn't!!! but always wanted the best for me and whatever it was they supported. Fast forward thru marriages/divorces and guess what..these two!... I can't get rid of if I tried!(I don't want to though) Tough talk aside I use them as my sounding board most times. They understand me better than anyone and by birth right they have to put up with my ISH! Uumm...yeah, about that..wanna soda or something?? The weight of the everyday rigors were giving me room for pause (I want to say I'm honored to be born in such a deeply faith/spiritually grounded family so that aspect of where/who to turn to is never in question) but,they constantly deny being JUST like our mom. I'm here to say I wouldn't have it any other way..Yeah I'm a proud brother as you can tell, but trust me..If you knew me then you'd know they deserve praise..As I said before..If you're lucky to have one then you already know what I'm talking about..I have two and I'm bragging..MM