Monday, August 19, 2013

Be a man..and Be the Man...Always

Enough already! The contemplation of what's a man to do in these social and politically correct times...enough! I'm tired of hearing the complaints damn it! Do I take the initiative or not? Should I ask her out or continue texting her being goofy as HELL..Do I pay for the date like it's corny to be a gentleman? hmm.. seems to me that was part of how men(inserted here for ownership and responsibility purposes) got the girl way, way back in the day..pre-internet/cellphone'(hint: you're interested that's why you want to/asked her out I'm assuming)...Before I was thought of, there was a superstar by the name of "Marty Mcfly" from Back to the Future fame(look it up youngn') grabbed his Ben Wa's...Yep! He gave ye ole confidence boosters' a tug and the rest shall we say made a classic movie. Whether pushed or prodded he initiated a sequence of events. Be a man...Be the man..always. If you really think about it, that statement can be applied to most if not ANY situation, and by all likely hood continually evolve. But to regress on the basics of how to ask someone out and should you pay the check? Must be a lapse in judgement..that cannot be what we've resorted to as men of today. What I've been hearing is gibberish right?..right?.