Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The "Nice guy" that finishes first..

I've noticed the tide has changed. The whole movement is sort of..well..you know..suspect? I'm pleased... and IIIII like it! The whole cliche' of nice guys finishing last! became one for good reason. We've all seen this shinning moments' favorite nice guy actor James Marsden (sorry but the shoe fits) figuratively speaking... get the "Heisman to the grill"! In a lot of movies JUST for smiling and being a nice guy! Even all around do-gooder and super nice guy Superman(Returns) couldn't resist a chance to 'chump' Mr. Nice Guy. He shows back up on the scene after being gone for awhile lets just say, politely and with a smile(no doubt) hands Mr. nice guy another undeserved "Heisman to the grill" and leaves with Lois! go figure.
Leave it to the evolution of times and listening to Dr. Phil! I'm no Nostradamus, I'm not even Cleo! but the prediction of nice guys finishing last is/has become passe'(see once again Dr. Phil) I remember  years back It was 'Hip to be square'(Huey Lewis and the News circa 1987). At times when we least expect it, WHAM!..woogedy boogedy...Times change and not always for the better, this time though it's for the better(my 2 cents). Men, I know you hear the outcry in all forums, because I do that chivalry is not dead! Why not better your chances? If there's so much of a demand on something. We(men) are obviously the world's 'supplier'...I'm waiting for the 1+1= 2 thing to kick in... Once that happens read Two more blogs, you should be o.k. by morning, repeat as needed...You're welcome.MM