Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The building of the BACKBONE! The latest trend and tested very high in focus groups!!!

Very few things bother me since the turn of the century..I find myself asking or trying my best to answer these quandaries we'll call them. The backbone.. from experience is suppose to gain strength as you age. The adolescence of a young man is crucial, I speak from 1st.hand knowledge. The proverbial building of a backbone start as soon as you can walk. Understood,challenged and acknowledged while going thru those male adolescent years. Some things cannot be duplicated online gaming or #twitterbeef/facebook rants and message boards.Verbal jousting(joning/ranking some call it) is a cruel albeit innocent way of coming of age(and so necessary). It introduces you to trash talking early in life. Whereas you're not a fully formed adult male and still NEED your mommy/daddy to do all your damn leg work. There's a point in your life as a man(operative word) BACKBONE decisions will need to be made and expected of you! Ownership and responsibility are things that randomly come up when mentioning anything that resembles a spine=man. At this point your 'proverbial' backbone should've been in full use now for some years. I don't wanna' hear how you put your foot down to get the newest gaming system/phone..Oh but the No Sir!! I mean a decision of merit YOU made with weight or responsibility attached. Buying a car, purchasing a home, moving out of your parents humble abode/or not etc..Deductive reasoning and talking to oneself about not making such a decision is human nature, no judgement here(The pimp hand is cocked in standby mode) but to walk through life with someone else making all of your tough decisions..for shame!! You may as well let them carry your scrotum and all it's attachments. I remember it being an honor to do your last name proud. Nowadays we'll change it in a New York minute for a gimmick.. say word #ochocinco(no shade #factsonly)..I can run with this but you get the gist...MM