Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eye candy...Really? Im a Guy?!?

Here's the deal?!? I've heard from the Women. It's true!! it's so true Run Quickly!! The verdict is here to stay. They want more pictures of YOU!(less in the bathroom shirtless of course.. naughty naughty boy #tasteless) But yes! more pictures of you. The popularity of online dating is a fact that can't be denied. The trending look of bearded characters and their pets looking identical..without photo-shop is The 'shiznit' for friends&family(insert only a face that____ would love) JUST them though.. But then there's this post I'm writing. Fact is, taking numerous pictures juuust to get the right one is annoying as HALE to me also..
Ask my daughter whom I refer to. She's a pro at stopping,posing and smiling on que. It doesn't matter how many ques!! I have hundreds of camera pics to prove it(young adults/camera phones= amateur #AnnieLiebovitz Google her) I'm guessing that since 'WE'(Us men) require so much attention I'm paraphrasing here the before mentioned complaints are relevant! #Whathefuckeva it's time to take a little pride in the images we send out as a true representation of all that boiling hot maleness you have stored up. The excuses has come to a screeching halt(insert Heisman pose here). It's no longer acceptable to post images of anything from the jungle kingdom or your 'extra curricular' activities/hobby as a pic of you..A very loud Eeewww!!comes to mind. In conclusion as I refer to someone more camera savvy. Find the nearest girl/daughter/female in your life to help you in this arena..Trust me on this I've done the homework.(shout out to #apimpnameslickback #boondocks)..MM