Friday, January 23, 2015

Clean up your house's 2015!

Days of the odd couple(Google it) Ala' Felix Unger lashing out at 'Oscar' for being filthy are unceremoniously over (good riddance). I mean if you want company at your home at any point in your LIFE..male/female you pick!!It's real simple, most guys think their level of clean is sufficient..chances are..meh! If you are unfamiliar with cleanliness ask a woman in your life that'll take pity on your soul. Plead to her compassionate side. Maybe to stop by once in awhile for reinforcement pointers if needed. The small chance that your ego and eardrums will survive the constant ridicule,loneliness and different hand lotions from Bath and BodyWork are low.. but HEY! there's something for everyone, shout out to all the 40 year old virgins with supple hands. Especially the one's with the high score on games that most people don't care about ANY DAMN WAY. I'm not saying go overboard and start obsessing. No need to develop a nervous tick or 'I declare war' on a family member's head if things are out of place(see Deuce Bigalow and Monk) Instead why not start a simple habit..Maybe try giving yourself enough time to clean/pick up behind yourself(you know the stuff that your mom screamed at you about as a CHILD) before you leave your house. That way you won't have much to do if company follows you home or you get a surprise visitor..How many surprise visitors have you had by #NOT cleaning up gotten you in the past?..I'm just saying..allow me to continue. I'm one for having a warm feeling to my place.."lived in" as some would say. Having an inviting place that someone wouldn't mind being in besiiides you is not bad..try it. You've obviously done the leg work to move out on your own. Now is not the time to bottle up! GIVE yourself as many chances as you can in the friends/dating arena(NON VIRTUAL) no internet connection is needed here.Wow! yeah that just happened I threw a bumgarner curve right atcha'...concentrate grasshopper.. your goal is to attract friends. Just K.i.S.S.(keep it simple stupid). let's not make things hard. Almost forgot, there's a certain amount of want and laziness that you may have to confront...MM