Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To be or NOT to be..A sore loser..not cool after..

I've always wanted to write this post. It's been writing itself for the past 8yrs at the very least (s./o. to #potus). It's real amongst a lot of today's adults..sigh..let's get it. What was taught you ask? How to take a loss IN ANYTHING! absorb it in some ways similar to a win and even try being gracious in a loss.. make sense? As a kid it took me time to learn and it maaay have spread into early adulthood for some, but you learned. Why? Because you seem petty as an adult sore loser! No hashtags..nope! no made up fancy words combined for trending purposes..No sir! It's a regular word in heavy rotation in Websters..petty. "You can't win'em all" was ingrained in the noggin as early as a competitive streak was noticed at home! Society wasn't like it is today. My parents/aunts,uncles,grandparents etc. Did not/was not entrusting society to hopefully teach me life lessons. I still remember a certain 'rotund' basketball player constantly stating "I'm not a role model" so true. To be or not to be a sore loser is the ? My personal(my blog) belief is that it lowers the value of whatever it is you're so agitated about. Also, it's an unfiltered look at YOU as a person. Getting caught up in the masses is easy.All things being social you're tried in the public's opinion anyway..
Being a #soreloser as an adult may not count against your credit score, and before you ask I checked on it. I'm positive you can't claim it as earned income credit on your taxes..damn damn damn James! I thought I had something for the coupon crowd. Oh well, guess you have to settle for not being mentioned in the same sentence as petty, sore loser and assh*le.The Rudolph treatment may already be apart of your life (not being invited,wanted or asked to participate in ANYTHING with your "friends") and have been for a while now. It doesn't have to be in your future. Making excuses for being alone when everyone around you is having fun. I get the whole glass half full type of thing(positive thinking)..you funny though..cut it out.The sooner you realize that some things are okay to leave in your adolescence(childhood for the s-l-o-w-b-l-i-n-k-). The better you'll feel and trust me you'll look Waaaay better. I figured that's how we all see ourselves or want to be seen. I watched the same t.v. program as @ 114 million people a couple days ago.. The Superbowl...duh.. those with questions refer to slow blink. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and both teams played good (my inner rasheed wallace comes out) but this post seems to fit..I'm just sayin..MM