Sunday, February 7, 2016

Watch where you shakin' that... thing!! but definately..SHAKE IT like a's 2016!

"I see you over there watchin', So why not give you somethn' to look at". Must I show you the way? Of course !..I answered. It's not just o.k. to do it, I personally believe it's mandatory...Well I mean if you're able and this isss the Millennium. Even if you never thought you'd see yourself doing it before. I believe in smile therapy as much as anyone, so It's a no brainer to me. What I meant by that statement is to say we all do things we're slightly uncomfortable with(or just damnit don't wanna do it "I'm TIED" 'R' needed) to make a stranger, friends or significant smile maybe even keep that #smile goin etc.. My point in mentioning that? Unless you've been on your console gaming every damn day, working or just hanging out with your jackass/Hangover friends too much lately.. Stop rubber necking around it's you NUT! You've probably been oblivious to her humming in the car or doin a lil ditty-bop in the house to her most favorite song of ALL TIME!(be aware of the use of the word all time.. in this context..It just means this month til it's out of her system and then 'On 2 the next one')..But she's #dancing..albeit on beat or verrry equilibrium challenged off! No need to worry about the details now, just get in there bub! before" turtleneck..Steve jobs" guy steps in off the bench...
My imitating a mash of Rocks' quotes "It doesn't matter" If no other guys are on the dance floor get your 'candy ass' out there #sombitch..She's ready! Now I will say if your 'moves' are of the #beingignorant variety or just eyesight repugnant then please don't! Practice restraint to more  private shin digs but, by all means shake your back loose like nobody's watching! Show'em whatcha workin wit. It'll guarantee a smile, Some great banter quite possibly accompanied with a playful swing and/or a "Boy you so stoopid". Either way win! A few goals accomplished lets see: A. low impact exercise while. B burning off a few calories right?? Okay if done right, I mean if done with moxie and a bit of hutzpah, But ultimately as much as this is for me/you, C. Hopefully mission critical is achieved (p.s.yes! It can be used as an ICEBREAKER in social settings. That's the plan! Take your "too cool 4 school" down a notch. Even #Jay-z does it for #queenbey when it's called for. Who knows you may get pulled into an impromptu #Bachelorette party. No time to be shy, It's "hotline bling" time with confidence!) The bounty this time is the #smile. they give off when uninhibited fun is being had. Last tidbit fellas, dancing with a woman is a learned artistry of sorts. Usher and Chris Brown moves are great, and you will get some solo time to 'bust out' Just not now. If at that moment you're caught off guard slightly and you're still uncomfortable shakin' it in public. Think fast: place your hands on her hips not ass and follow her lead not missing a beat. Until you practice leading these situations. Why #NOT try it? I mean you've got the shades on in the club for no apparent reason and No smiling because its deemed 'corny' somehow thing mastered, sooo, I'm just sayin It"s 2016......MM#millenniumman#dating#dancing#menslifestyle#women#love#