Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Getting older for us I dunno..Kewl!.....Tune in for more!

I was turning 40! Oh gawwwd..I couldn't believe I was about to lose teeth specifically designed to improve my smile..bump that!.."preventive maintenance" was key, brushing and flossing became more of a religion. Quite frankly it wasn't funny NO MO..too many men I'd known that didn't have Hockey or MMA as a hobby/career were 'bald mouf' (as Sandra Kay would so eloquently put it). It was something that deftly scared the 'ish' out of me.I tend to smile TOO D$MN MUCH! Not to mention I did my share of watching t.v as a kid. plus I really enjoy sports. There was no stopping it from where I was sitting. The Jefferson's (George) and Good Times 'ain't we lucky we got'em'(James..James..JAMES!) was in heavy rotation at my crib.My ole' boy controlled the remote and t.v. guide with every d$mn thing circled already!) 'Money Mike' Jordan was walking on air in the 80's! and 90's with cool azz Bugs Bunny and he couldn't escape the hairline thing. I didn't know what to do! Once the dreaded DNA gene hit or better yet U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D Father Time. I'm a regular dude (like most) So I didn't have extra to splurge on implants, cosmetic surgeries or Spanx for men... OUT of the 'effin' question( try a mudrun, Crossfit..something that involves an ACTION verb..i.e running,dancing lifting..etc.stop limiting yourself saying you don't have time to improve on you). I watched and implemented examples of men that were aging gracefully..i.e.Harry Belafonte, Smokey Robinson,Rev.Timmie McNeese (My Grandfather)..all had tidbits of knowledge that helped. Then I added that special sauce.... ME! Who else did you think I was gonna say...
 Of course their are plenty of examples, but these are a few lighthearted notables you may diig. Oh yeah something kewl start to happen. You become a bit of a"Slumdog Millionaire"(google it circa 2008 groovy flick) from experiences alone. You don't necessarily know answers to life's quandaries, buuut You lean on your life! Your hindsight( decisions made earlier in life) make a knucklehead like insert your name here seem like a smarty pants.. people seem to gravitate towards your expertise on subjects and you have no clue why?!? Who moi'..even the kids and SIGNIFICANT OTHER.. BONUS! Your unmatched knowledge in jeopardy is only surpassed by your memory of past reruns..sshhh our secret. The house/closet of artifacts you've accumulated or we'll just say AQUIRED over many years that's no longer available is sought after. Now! being re-introduced as "retro,"classic or vintage. As you already know vintage anything, classic anything is always hot! and never out of style. You can't..Umm won't explain when and where you purchased that scarf/t-shirt your kids want to 'acquire' so bad. The classics to include vehicles are guarded like #Buckingham Palace (well some you still need help but we're working on that). I almost forgot those flecks..Yeeaaah those flecks of grey that's starting to appear. Sorry guys this one is a keeper, I did the whole color me bad thing when I had hair but I'm rocking the sunroof now. Occasionally I sport some facial hair and I've been made aware from our lovely women a little bit like cologne goes a long way and it's distinguishing. Well Sir, what more confirmation do you need. I can keep this going all day but you get the gist, glass half full and all that jazz. I'm out..Millennium Man