Friday, May 6, 2016

Full Disclosure: For years I've been on Purp! Close your eyes with me and party..

The darkness was deafening as a kid. I wasn't popular for reasons out of my control. Being a bit different and difficult..meh! I would consume myself in thought as a form of escapism bringing order to my chaos.. and then MUSIC..I heard a melody dancing in the backdrop of darkness. It was just there! Unidentifiable at first, my youthful 3rd eye couldn't comprehend the sound. It was different?!?I wasn't paying attention. The Purple One was in! He'd infiltrated my mind like a mist. Overwhelming me without knowledge.. Instantly I was jarred to the core. I was a mature 11yrs old 1982. What is this? WHO was this? Part of me felt like I should be sneaking to listen in the basement like we did Richard Pryor/Redd Foxx records(yes records! #Vinyl)...
I'm just a guy with a story to tell like others. My 'travels' as a kid led me away from East St. Louis to Texas, Indianapolis,Chicago and a brief stint in Springfield. Finally back to East St Louis after a few years 'on the road' until I eventually graduated. The Purp)le One was the constant mental stimuli on my rocky road. My pops really enjoyed Prince! Unbeknownst to most, We would wax on about his skill set and creativity to get you to listen to him. Which for a kid your super hero Dad! Is kool enough to share space with your musical life muse! How triple O.G was that? Fast forward to Reunion Arena in Dallas. As I stated the year is 1982( It was my version of @bryanadams  'Summer of 69') Too young to go, but too late the concert ticket was bought..My cuz Reggie D. skillfully purchased it(spoiler alert; names will not be changed to protect!..I love my big cuz) I have a vivid recollection of my night and all the fun had. Years later The #prince experience still registers with me. He was still someone that I admired well into my adult life, in this day and age. As said before, I'm just a guy with his story to tell about walking into the proverbial Purple Rain and stayed there...MM out. #music#prince#purple#genius#innovator#freedom