Thursday, September 29, 2016

The bliss of Ignorance and Men...Still today?!?.

I take issue with grown men comfortable with 'Ignorance being bliss theory" STILL. Nowadays the internet has solved all those conundrums that mommy/daddy could not. I believe you make conscious choices to be informed about things you feel still matter. You sir! are a product of Your choices made..or NOT. You're at an age where all responsibility of knowledge is yours. Let the 'spoon feeding cease and desist. Searching for life's "blueprint" designed especially for you is something that should be fully experienced and devoured. There's a certain amount of selfishness that comes with the construct of said "blueprint." When you adamantly refuse to develop your mental(ity)beyond what you made it through high school/college..W.T.F. is that about?!?

Top that off with you being happy about NOT knowing anything about any damn thing? Surprise! laziness and underperformance starring back at you in the mirror. You've probably lingered way too long at a job. Over thinking reasons why you shouldn't press forward. "At least I'm working" is what you tell yourself for validation of productivity, failing yourself?? thinking another person 'owe' you something. After a lengthy conversation with yourself in the closest mirror!! A realization ought to come rather quickly "Who the hell do I think I am?"1st. question. 2nd: What's with the feeling of entitlement and expecting more? It allows 'Mr. lackadaisical' to rear its ugly head and take over(he's hiding in most of us, acknowledgement is the key). Yes, It's sad but at different ages of male maturity there's a certain amount of intelligence society expects of us men. At least a passion for acquiring it..just a messenger please don't shoot...Don't be the guy that has no clue. Ignorance is still not bliss no matter what the changing of times dictate..Millennium Man and my 2cents..#menslifestyle#women#dating#love