Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ole School taught me.. Old fashion is always in style!

Age in this equation is magnified x's 2. The personal feeling across the board young to old as the seasons up top changed has been refreshing! Even where hair once flowed and the hairline taketh away. Weathering of skin becomes obvious. Even better, technology hasn't eliminated EVERYTHING. Some of us thinking and actually DOING...things! The old slogan "just do it" from a bygone era is still appreciated. Effort in society from men that still give a damn to challenge and challenges be dammed.( Heads up guys! guess who make up a vast part of our society.. ask yo mama)? There's a small part of envy I had for those that knew the who, The what and The why before they were adults. I felt rogue, All my actions were definitely resistant to the "Quo". I was living a version of Manhood witnessed directly from 'ole school' or an old fashioned way of thinking...
Life and it's experiences were molding me to boot. Merle( My pops..a.k.a..ole school) insisted it built character. You had to witness some things 1st. hand. He could see from an early age the 'cut of my suit' was different. Life wasn't a one size fit all. His talks grew me mentally. Necessary to hear, but to go through it and come out on the other side was the confidence and vision needed...especially conquering issues myself! No blood shed, maybe some tears, but I lived. My very own "Book of life" to review(hindsight) and learn from. I was as brash as any young man. Double fisting experiences with a passion, while life taught me how to date, and feel compassion for others. Applying the old fashioned way of trial and error I forced the learning curve like all other young "Dr.Strange's". The aging was imminent as struggle was anticipated. I embraced learning the old fashion way of figuring things out and applying the knowledge. Evolution was my conclusion. Why must everything change? An actual verbalized compliment? Real conversation, not a LIKE on social media accompanied with a genital pic(guys). Old fashioned dating never really became ..Old?!? We just invented the microwave and then dating became...such is life! Ole School made sure I learned  hard work in any era! It sounds old fashioned from the way things are done today IT IS!! As I look around I appreciate it even more..MM.#love#dating#oldschool#menslifestyle#women