Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Age appropriate kewl(cool) clothing

This topic is not to discourage those fashion MAVENS! savvy enough to put a lil bit of this with that.Or pull together an amazing creation(almost Macguyverlike....circa 90's.... look it up saplings) with little more than accessories and ta-daaa!! a new look classic,effortless and cool! not you. keep up the good work and you know who you are. Specifically I'm referring to those that believe the rules of fit and color does not apply to them. Understanding your limitations is alot like admitting you're an addict and need help.There is nothing wrong with keeping everyone guessing your age.but when your physical appearance is in one decade and you clothing are a mix of decades past/present and future because you had a wild hair to 'Coordinate'... stop! looking in the only mirror in the house that agrees with you...get help.