Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stay In Your Lane...(Play your position)

My suggestion is for you to pay close attention fellas...Step your 'knowledge' of women up..#1.know how to talk without the use of slang or cursing in a minimum of three sentences... No Exceptions! you're grown next subject.#2. Understand YOUR budget when dealing with the opposite sex!(repeat this to yourself as many times as needed) "NOT" knowing will only get you embarrassed, facebook, and tweeted about...while you're pissed!!! you got "played". Understand it happens to all of us. Just acknowledge it, learn from it and get over it. U! may not drive the hottesst "whip" or have entertainer money, but if you're working or moving in a positive direction?....mannn I've heard whispered in the small corners of the world...(by Monks..oooorrr somethin') that women( not girls) tend to like men...not cornballs... to be themselves....I'm just sayin..