Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Absolutely NOT! no sir, you may not wear that with...THAT?

Up to this point we have been enjoying sports and it's been pleasant to say the least. Outside of the seriousness of a few players in every sport engaging in some less than savory words/actions there's not a whole lot to complain about.UNTIL... I witnessed a character of sorts remove his blazer to reveal him wearing a short sleeve button down shirt, PROUD! Taco meat like chest hair peeking through...what? The guy is well known and respected annnd when he goes to the bank, yes Mr. is on his check,But that's neither here or there, ask somebody GEEZ! Ignorance or stubbornness in this situation is ok if you're cool being the buffoonall the time. Less is more and in this case keep your jacket on, Don't remove it and remove all doubt of whom they are talking to...OR keep your jacket on,ask your 'friends,gal pals,stylist whatever. take a smidgen of pride in the way you present yourself, Sorry it had to be said..."I may be wrong, but I doubt it" . MM