Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You can't be serious?!? Not with that shaved into your head?..whaaa...?

We've all seen the innovative hairstyles out there, and like myself have tried a couple. The gumby and the shag/mullet were the ISH! when I was growing up. The curl changed all of that though...the Mullet.. well I'm going to leave that alone because it's been around alot longer than I have and has a cult-like following( we need not understand why..?).What I am addressing is shaving your website,announcing your 'newest' baby name or any other ridiculous Artest/Rodman-esque idea after a night of 420/Absinthe infused partying. You look as 'stooopid' as you think you do when you ask that question...They just don't want to hurt your feelings...sigh..such is life.GROW UP most of you have jobs(nice ones)! you need to stop being selfish, yeah I said selfish. Example: With your head like that you may have that I don't give a f*** attitude, but everyone that you recognize as a friend or family constantly get asked Why are you his friend? Are you his friend?Wow! or Is he 'touched' in the head,does he eat dirt chew bricks or lick windows? You will answer no! And they will give you the I'm glad you're not My friend stare. Now you feel like shh, because yo boy wants to look like a 35y.o. lucky charm...Just stop it,...MM