Monday, May 16, 2011

It's about time to move forward on the Sunglasses indoors! On to another trend

One year has ended and the summer of another is here. As the years flip so do the trends.Some of us need help knowing when one ends and a different one begins...that's understandable.That's what the NOT list is all about.Crime black sunglasses INDOORS! should be on its way to the back burner.Similar to Throwback jersey's,extra long white tees and braids with errthang!" NOT" trying to offend, but if you're a Grown man, you need to hear this: If no one knows you outside of your Facebook and twitter followers or you have to explain who YOU are and WHAT you do... sorry playboy(it's all in your mind) you're not who you think you are. Let's be real, Celebrities(real not reality) have a different set of rules they don't count, also when in Rome do what the Romans do(i.e. if you're with Cash Money... etc..etc.. that's a perk! otherwise chill out and let the trend die.Don't be that guy! Cut it out..MM