Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm pretty sure public dancing may Not be your calling.. Mr.Disco

Why O'why does 'Mr.Goofy' or D**n fool show up whenever some of you get around lights, music and a...crowd? No alcohol needed!The smell of a crowd and "All of the Lights".... at your local Mall's Arcade/Tilt.Better yet, the Game Stop or Chuck E. Cheese you've tricked your kids or significant other into going with you. Then you scream your Xbox/PS3 gamer tag to let 'errbody' know what set(console)you claim.After a quick glance in your frightened kids eyes or mortified significant others eyes.Without hesitation you break into a host of shameless disco moves to include facial expressions. Some ISH! you made up in front of a mirror.Oh Lawd!cellphones on standby video.While you're out there Livin La Vida Lo ca...half the crowd is staring at you and the other half is looking at your kids/Significant others reactions. Yep! D**n fool has set you up for the okie doke. Please go sit down somewhere and stop threatening kids In the arcade, mall, Best buy or any other public arena over DANCE moves.I know how you feel,but this is the time to let a kid be a kid.Also you look very goofy and your kids are hiding and denying your existence....tighten up Baryshnikov..MM