Thursday, June 2, 2011

You are NOT still making it rain!!! are you?

This should be savings 101 but here we go. I was out with a friend and he didn't have enough do something because he was cash strapped.I responded with a head nod and "I know how it is,especially in these times...I gotcha" Then he proceeded to tell me why. WHY did he tell me he's broke because he threw his money in the air at a strip club. WHAT! uhhh...when I see Football players getting told how to budget(lockout or not),The unemployment rate @ 10% across the nation and the housing market is still as ugly as ever, again I say Whaat? This is stupidity in it's purest form. Your brain needs to be donated immediately to Science and your a** needs to be kicked by River dancers.Some things require a smidgen of common sense. Please don't tell me what part of the U.S. you are from like that validates being don't! This is foolish in these times is what's amazing. Take that money and buy a clue, or help out somewhere Really...You just throw it in the air like it grows on trees? You should already know what's coming. The blank Mother stare until you leave eyesight...and NO! I don't have any extra money...HALE you might throw my money in the air, grow up.....MM