Friday, June 3, 2011

Look! JAWS all those gold teeth are NOT in anymore and your breath stinks!

Let me start off by saying don't get pissed at the messenger,because everybody tend to get pissed at the messenger!( know I don't care right?) Oral hygiene is emphasized when listening to women talk about turn offs( teeth&breath)... let that linger in the air..We'll get back to that.Gold teeth took on a life of their own a few years ago.Every other entertainer,part-time school teacher or aspiring pastor was wearing a forward 3..5yrs later. Once again you got me on this one.Unless you can brush your real teeth and floss regularly..or daily for the 'gifted' ones. There is limited(no) oxygen to your teeth with a foreign object covering them and you are eating,drinking and smoking who knows!...Ah shh no wonder you just give random women money,"throw yo money in the air",and refuse to grow up...Your breath stink!...Sooo, you have to PAY people to remain around the 'goof' that pays for everything but a tic-tac. I see your plan now....yeah it stinks! Take that 'gobbage' out of your mouth and stop wreaking havoc, punishing hairdos and paint jobs. People are frowning or grimacing when you talk. ' pamper mouf''s simple,woman enjoy nice smelling breath(ask one) now get going... I may need to get a 5th grader to help you with this one...MM