Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boardshorts Mr.man... 'banana hammocks' are Off Limits to Men of a certain age'

I'm sure most of you have seen the hit comedy Couples Retreat.We also chuckle at the commercial w/2guys in (what I consider to be a 'napkin holder') ONE playing 'bongo's' on his A** screaming "Aye... we're brothers!" not to be out done"holy tight squeeze BATMAN!"..
 The Governator!!! risk taker' hammock enthusiast...uhhh put a shirt on or at least a WHOLE pair of shorts....enough said moving on..Unless you are a swimmer(School/competition/professional) or you have an illustrious career as a "male dancer"( it's a job) no judging here...that's it, period Also, you need to be at work/competition etc..when rockin 'the pickle smuggler'.Board shorts are cool for all ages and always in fashion. ALWAYS! I understand when you feel " too sexy for your shirt...it hurts" but why do you feel the need to dazzle the world in a 'banana hammock'?? 1st off without offending any other country. We/YOU live in AMERICA and it really doesn't matter how fashionable/ hip this may be in another country, just not here in the  good ole U.S. of A...post a tweet or holla at Nancy Grace before you decide to take a stroll in public*beware* random mace may be sprayed in your direction..safety first..MM