Sunday, July 31, 2011

Always splash before you dash! ALWAYS..

The Refresh:Think of it as the only way to go.Women rarely leave home without attempting to put on some sort of make-up. That's how important you should feel 'smell good' to a Millennium man(shh..we're in the millennium homie!) You should always want to smell good even if you're not the most 'attractive guy'. I'd like to think I'm a nice looking what if it's only in my "Field of Dreams" What will it hurt?,I mean really? Why not be a nice looking guy that smells great or A great looking guy that smells nice..
I would venture to bet logic should kick in at some point?(since we're suppose to be the 'logical' thinking species) maybe you just don't want to go that 'extra mile, guess what??? Get the f*** over it! Talk to any woman( A WOMAN) and they will tell you about the double girdle's or SPANX they suffer thru, holding 'errthang' in place...Sooo those curves remain Dangerous! In THAT dress and THOSE jeans. Yes ma'am I do appreciate the extra time you put into it. If only more of my male counterparts took the initiative and went the extra mile. Please help'em out ladies and The H.S.G.M.(High Society of Gay Men),with your keen since of smell I am but a messenger. We will appreciate it even if we act like we don't( if front of you)MM