Friday, July 22, 2011

You are a Grown man,no means NO! to double dates

I've often wondered what's the big 'whoop' with double dating.Two 'supposedly' adult men that are so inept at carrying on a full blown conversation with dinner,movie and all the "fixin's".Agree to take 2 lovely women out...together??
1st stupid move. Then act like two"wild and crazy guys",2nd egg headed move.Let me clarify for those with significant others already. Meeting friends out for drinks(other couples),hangin' out with your friends and their significant's are NOT whom/what I'm referring to.That's being social and enjoying the company of others such as yourselves. Double dating for men is 'stoopid'. women enjoy doing things as a group for security and comfort zone reasons. Other than a few guys hanging out and meet some ladies while out, again totally fine with what happens naturally.You're at a point when you have to go at it alone(sorry). I know it stinks to"high heaven" that you are forced to "Act like a man and NOT! think like a woman".Secure your spot as one of the 'Knights of The Roundtable' for once, stop being the odd men out. Women want to 'know' the person that asked them out.That means you Sir...alone...MM