Monday, August 15, 2011

SUPER skinny jeans!!! for MEN you say?...hmm.. I need to...I just need to..

Wait a cotton pickin' minute! I'm all about fashion moving forward (especially) for us men, but we have to draw the line SOMEWHERE! There are 4 words that should NEVER be mentioned together in a sentence...super skinny jeans...& MEN!!!
Nowhere in America should I see a(hetero) man wearing anything super skinny!Why??? Even if your wife/girlfriend..etc.. does the shopping,there's absolutely no reason she should bring you jeans that she can share with you!! Unless you two are Meth addicts!!probably make sense in these lean times...still a NOT! After that(insert blank mother stare Now..please and thank you).What's puzzling is we're talking about super skinny jeans & MEN! We've sped thru all of the *caution* signs of sagging skinny jeans that look ridiculous.Now I guess we've escalated to jeans so tight they blurr vision and cause stuttering(from people starring)Again I ask why?? What self respecting man wants to be caught" attempting" or wearing super skinny jeans. Please don't believe the hype, there's nothing good about a man wearing jeans that fit like a 'wet suit'.You may as well peel those off and buy a decent pair of jeans.Look like a man even if you refuse to act like one..super skinny jeans for men...gimme a break   MM